Chaotic Century Episode 28 Subtitle Indonesia. Van is told that soldiers are after the Republican gold. Then Major Schubaltz and Minister Prozan have a discussion about the attack on the rebels. Then a survivor tells Van that this was done by a black organoid. Shadow sees something in the sky, which turns out to be the two Storm Sworders from before. The two pilots, which are really Rosso and Viola, get a transmission from Dr. Van, Fiona and Zeke go off for a treasure hunt and wind up swimming.

One day, year-old Yusuke Urameshi suddenly finds himself dead, having died pushing a child out of the way of oncoming traffic. As usual, Van got out of his zoid, and ran up to Fiona. Then Rosa and Viola have a sister to sister talk and Van is surprised that Viola is the sister of Rosa. Karl recognizes Zeke from when Van, in the Shield Liger, and the organoid ran past him in a battle. Van and the gang make it near the Guerrial Plateau only four more days until they get there. D tells Van about the legend on how the city will awake.

He tells Irvine that the site of the main gun was off by exactly three degrees. He calls in Thomas Schubaltz. In the middle of the fog of Mount Isolina, Van stops everyone so he can get his flying papaya, Irvine and Fiona go after him and get lost.

Then, Moonbay and Van find Irvine and Fiona and they leave. After getting away from the treacherous Mount Iselina, Van and the gang made it into Republican Territory.

Chqotic President of the Republic gets a friendly 2 from Emperor Rudolph. Thomas starts a fight with the Kong. Chaotic Century Episode 19 Subtitle Indonesia.

Digimon Adventure 2 — While they are running, Zeke is caught in a net but not taken. Finally, while Van, Irvine, and Raven are fighting at a base, the Death Stinger fires a beam from the Charged Particle Gun aimed directly in their path. Knowing Van, he over does it and makes everyone retreat into the hideout. It also needs 5.


Out of the base, Van tries to lose the soldiers among the crevices, but when he’s backed into a corner and goes for the ammunition he finds out the zoids were stripped of their firepower and is chastised by Irvine for his stupidity.

Van and the others are looking at the city when they see explosions. It would be too overwhelming for the Republicans and might force the President to negotiate a ceasefire treaty between both nations. Just then, Irvine comes and saves the day again by destroying all of the Guysacks except one that managed to slip by and cause him some damage.

They also find out that Rudolph is the next in line for the imperial throne. Major Schubaltz says that he will only attack if they are attacked first. Van and his friends were off to the Guerrial Plateau to restore Fiona’s memory. Raven destroys the Iron Kong and then stops his pursuit of Van and Rudolph.

ZOIDS: Chaotic Century

Briefly tied up while the villagers take Zeke the bandits, Van gets free with Fiona’s help, and rushes off to save his sister. The weapons have their clear advantage, after finding it out against a couple of Heldigunners.

Later that morning, Hcaotic asks if they could take him to Guygalos and teach him how to pilot a zoid. Two days ago, an entire sleeper battalion was whipped out because of one Saber Fang and a black organoid. Chaotic Century Episode 28 Subtitle Indonesia. Moonbay gets stuck in the centurj because her gets caught in a sticky situation.

Then Van took Rudolph after he blinded Metelinick’s guys by the stun bomb, into a cart and flew right into the River. Chaotic Century Episode 60 Subtitle Indonesia.


Chaotic Century Episode 42 Subtitle Indonesia.

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Van jumped in his Blade Liger, and used long range machine gun to target the Godos, as he was doing this, he had a vision that showed him if he fired he would’ve killed Fiona. Van is a young boy living in a small village on the Planet Zi. Meanwhile, surrounded by several cliffs, the severely damaged Geno Breaker rests along with Shadow in its left claw. Both the Command Wolf and the Shield Liger had taken on pretty serious damage.

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PG – Children Score: D to help out the Srteaming in epsode war, but Dr. D shows everyone some of the semi-functional boosters, that may increase the Blade Liger’s potential. The two pilots, which are really Rosso and Viola, get a transmission from Dr. Then after a long wait, a Pteras attacks their side and the battle starts up again.

Then Van went against the second, beat him but at the cost of his boosters.

Chaotic Century Episode 58 Subtitle Indonesia. He also tell Van the story about his sister and he she died because of Gafki-Carl Fever. D then confronts Irvine and tricks him into doing more work.

While back at home, Major Bord had come so that he could tell the three guards that a group of bandits Van, Zeke, etc. Rudolph makes it over to where Van had gone off, by some nearby ruins.