Attracting Deer With Food Plots. Whether you are a hunter or conservationist, planting food plots is one of the best things you can do for the preservation of these historical and unique birds. LabLab is a high protein summer annual legume ideal for wildlife food plots. What better way to spend a day in the woods seeing if you can call in that award winning picture. Quite a feat for a seemingly ungainly, heavy bird. Unless you are specifically looking for these birds you might never see them in their natural habitat.

A 40 bag of Wild turkey mix will cover approximately a little over an acre. Chufa plants have underground tubers, which are the part of the plant that turkeys eat. There are many turkeys being released every year and in some regions of the country there may not be enough natural resources left to sustain large numbers. Deer and wild hogs eat these also. These fall mixes are regionally developed to provide the best plantings your money can buy for your area. A well-planned food plot can help keep the birds in your area and with a better food source help to produce a trophy bird well worth the effort.

Polar HD Utility Trailer. Perennials can be planted from legumes, grasses like Bahia that seed, weeds that attract insects and produce seed such as beggar weed, berry producing plants and many more. Back to the equipment. After planting Feeding Frenzy, the oats will germinate first and quickly grow, luring deer from surrounding areas to your food plot. Food Plot Buyer’s Guide.

In the woods it is quite a different matter all together. These should be wildflower seeds that are indigenous or rather native to the area and they will come back year after year. Attracting Deer With Food Plots. Choice has been selected for its high yields, improved cool season growth and improved persistence. For wild game plots, plant with corn, millet or sorghum to allow plants to establish.


Food Plot Seed For Wild Birds

And like learning the piano it takes practice and more practice. September – October Rate: Turkeys find the tubers by scratching for them. Search Seedland For Products: LabLab is extremely drought tolerant, and its leaves remain green through dry periods, continuing to attract wildlife. Like quail, turkeys need good habitat for brood-rearing and feeding areas. April – Mux Rate: The turkey food problem is further compounded by the continual usage of insect and weed killers used in large quantities.

September – October fall planting February – April spring planting Rate: Turkey hunting has become the number two sport in America today wingmaater may fast be approaching number one. Deer and wild hogs eat these also.

We have provided a link here to the right to obtain modern day calls. Turkeys live on seeds of various plants and insects and some tubers; and while we have increased the population we have decreased much of the natural vegetative growth that these birds rely upon for food, shelter, nesting sites and in some cases roosting sites. April – June Rate: Deer Management on CRP. You should of course follow the instructions on your bag of seed.

A Fine Turkey Gobbler. Using someone else to call hand held calls also frees the other person to be ready at the first sight and not clumsily reaching for the gun and calling at the same time. They would sure enjoy learning the art of turkey calling. It is left to the hunter or wildlife enthusiast to help supplement nature by planting food plots that are enticing to a variety of wildlife and attracting to the insects wildlife feeds upon.


Wildlife Food Plot Tips. A well-planned food plot can help keep the birds in your area and with a better food source help to produce a trophy bird well worth the effort. Excellent for silage or wingmastdr.

Unless you are specifically looking for these birds you might never see them in their natural habitat.

The tubers are high in protein and fat, which makes them especially nutritious for wild turkeys. Choice Chicory is a highly preferred, grazing tolerant plant that has good drought resistance. WingMaster Wild Turkey seed mixture produces abundant seed and in turn insects to meet these needs.

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As people walked and worked in the natural habitat notice was taken of any wildlife movement or habit that would make a potential meal. Nowadays we have camouflage, guns of every description, bows that practically anyone can use, those nice inflatable butt seats, scopes that zero in to the nth degree, gun rests, decoys, heated sox.

Wildflowers and weed seeds need to be sown along with the mixes that wingmastee planted. Replant every year in rotating food plots food plots to form a feeding habit with the turkeys. The beautiful coloring and plumage results from good diets and there’s lots of recipes for iwngmaster cook to try out.