Even his mother tells him he is a quitter, which is borne out by behavior on this sojourn. In keeping with his theme, he has once again come up short. InaneSwine 18 February Anyone with a brain knows the answer to that question: The sum total of this documentary in my opinion is that – Men can be as needlessly obsessed with their ‘penis size’ as women can be needlessly obsessed with the size of their breast. He goes to the adult video convention one imagines more for his own prurient interests that anything having to do with the stated reason for the “cockumentary”.

Well gone are those days and we have a host of documentaries in every possible idea you can think of. Is it true Koreans and Thais actually go as far as they do to correct it? How someone makes a whole documentary solely about themselves where they still come off unattractive and irritating is almost difficult to believe. Sign in to vote. Torn between the two, she intends to make a decision best for her son. All the way through the film he has a look on his face that screams “kill me now. Penis size doesn’t “matter” whatever that means to the vast majority of people.

Also, covertly filming complete strangers naked does not a good documentary make. None of this is believable or amusing Again, if you’ve got nothing better to do then this is something worth watching.

I’ve seen a lot of naked guys in my life and most of them unhng much to write home about. Sign in to vote.

I would hazard to guess that this isn’t meant to be a “serious” documentary though I do believe that the star of the film was very serious in his quest but it is just a fun, brainless, and yes incredibly shallow film about a man examining whether or not size matters The guy just wants fame and this just rebounds on that little plan in a big way Herro The only thing that would have made that scene worse is if he went in there 30 minutes after popping Viagra.

As a documentary, it never measures up.

UnHung Hero

It all might appeal to prurient teenagers or someone studying personality disorders, but there’s not much for anyone else in this “documentary. He makes an entertaining show out of it with movi single exception by talking to different kinds of people, examining the subject from different perspectives and learning as much about himself as he does about the topic. It’s not for everyone but some people will find it interesting to examine an issue that, while rarely treated seriously by most, is deadly serious heri some men.

Shouldn’t have been in the film. Not a great film, I got bored very quickly and doesn’t tell us anything new.


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That’s most clear in the scenes in which he discusses his under-endowment with his parents and his ex-girlfriends; if you’re not careful, you’d think Moote was being vulnerable and candid. All of the promises that porn shop wares make are challenged at the start, then Patrick takes the viewer to other countries.

How someone makes a whole documentary solely about themselves where they still come off unattractive and irritating is almost difficult to believe.

There’s just one unfortunate exception and it should not have been in the movie. Suffice it to say that virtually nothing about Moote’s quest for a larger penis, nor his superficial exploration of why his “low average” endowment matters so much to him, is satisfying. All the way through the film he has a look on his face that screams “kill me now. I didn’t hate this documentary. Now a lot of reviewers call this guy “whiny” and “shallow” but I will say that I give the guy credit for doing this.

His interview with the guy who is in the other direction is interesting for the other perspective, but comes across a little as the rich man bemoaning the loneliness of wealth.

I agree with most of the other comments that Pat continuously going on about his smallish dick to the whole world gets a bit old rather quickly, the least he could have done was show his full bone and let the audience decide, but I did find it interesting and valuable that he researched the issue as well a he did and came up with the conclusion that there really isn’t much you can do about it other than really invasive surgery.

She too seemed unconcerned by his supposed inadequacy, but she also appeared to be a little wary that Patrick wouldn’t stop obsessing about it. To the people to whom it does matter, however, penis size matters a very great deal.

He is bouncing around the world looking for an answer, but when he is set to bravely undergo some dubious injections he runs away watcj the last moviee and when about to undergo plastic surgery, the sight of someone else under the knife sends him running off to vomit from fear or revulsion.

Is it true Koreans and Thais actually go as far as they do to correct it? It’s about time we all realize that God judges man, not by his outward appearance, but by his heart. He should have probably listened to some good advice he received while on his quest for a magic solution.

Overall the “documentary” had less to do with wtach “size matters” issue, although it was amazing how many people were bothered by it, and more to do with a sadly immature person whose underdeveloped sense of self was a bigger problem than his possibly underdeveloped genitals.


Two bartenders try to achieve their dreams through bartending. Torn between the two, she intends to make a decision best for her son. However, it’s certainly not a well-researched or detailed film.

Some of it is actually interesting and will make you cringe and for many reviews on here, incredibly shallow. He and an Asian women both said there was a lot more to loving someone than this one, probably exaggerated, characteristic flaw. Well this is the after effect of that.

For everybody, everywhere, everydevice, and everything. A young man excitedly prepared proposes to his girlfriend. Anyway, Patrick, bravo for being the first I’ve seen willing to take on such a hidden topic. From Witch-Doctors in Papua New Guinea to sex museums in Korea, Patrick has a movle of turf to cover on his globe trotting omvie to finally answer the age old question: In a way Patrick did seem to finally absorb this wisdom and start to develop a relationship with a woman he met along the frfe.

This flick takes the viewer to some fairly exotic world wide locations in search of treatments to increase the size of a mans penis. We get a few doctors and sex experts talking about sizes and the history of men worrying about it. One gay guy Savage? He is genuinely upset about this and if its acting then he’s a very good actor.

It’s a subject that certainly does deserve to be explored – but it certainly could have been done so much better.

Whether the whole online thing happened or hnhung I have no idea We will send a new password to your email. In fact the whole thing seemed to be about him gaining exposure, though not of the groin region Remember when documentaries were for the intellectually elite?

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InaneSwine 18 February It just ALL looks faked Apparently this guy has a small penis and his girlfriend finished with him Michael Moore Doc its not but entertaining After his girlfriend rejects him for his underwhelming genitals, actor and comic Patrick Moote embarks on a two-fold quest to find out if size really matters, and if something can be done to beef up small members. Please fill your email to form below.

The treatments are strange and some are absolutely grotesque.