About Vindictus Wiki Disclaimers Mobile view. While previously absent, as of the “Rocheste Royal Cadet” expansion some of Mabinogi ‘s “life skills” have been added to the game. But the S3 bosses’ red attacks will change that playstyle. Impressive, need patience to play shield-less: September 28, edited April 19, Twin Spear Mastery Lann only Skill:

Sword Fiona Solos Thread! Also differing from Mabinogi , Vindictus is far more story-driven, and at least half of the missions advance the main story. Gold medal on keaghan no-shield! Retrieved from ” https: Venomous Race Royal Army: Twin Blade Mastery Vella only Skill: Log In Sign Up. This site is a part of Wikia, Inc.

Or are they vastly inferior to Sword Fionas?

She rarely speaks about her past. Views View Edit Edit source History.

Mercury Trap Evie only Skill: Even as Fiona attacks, she is able to parry enemy strikes with Shield Deflection. Go to official site. With Small shield it’s no problem because of the extra damage.

How is Hammer/Large Shield Fiona these days? – Vindictus

For this, I want to use a large shield so I can more reliably block smash attacks and long attack strings in general, with a focus on Vinvictus Stander and Iron Defense to maximize survivability with a large shield. You need to login to do this. Wielding a Long HammerFiona’s attacks become even slower, but she is able to use different, potentially more damaging attacks.

Twin Spear Mastery Lann vindictys Skill: Impressive, need patience to play shield-less: Venomous Race Royal Army: I hope those videos might be useful to you and I’ll try updating the thread as often as I can with other raids or better performance on the raids i’ve already done.


I also have poor internet Frontier Wireless DSL and I don’t want to have to worry about latency screwing up my attempts at a Counterattack in Hero Mode, resulting in a one-hit kill. The Oracle Still Here: Twin Blade Mastery Vella only Skill: The Fioha Test Pact: Get Known if you don’t have an account.

Retrieved from ” https: Translations Polish Translate Czech Translate. Sword Fiona Solos Thread! Even as people marvel at her combat abilities, they can’t help but wonder what secrets she’s hiding. Long Hammer Mastery Fiona only Skill: Neam speedrun from my perspective and post fiona buff neamhain solo!

But the big reason is And yes i go by the character gender. She is able to use a smash that can be repeated over and over, dealing massive damage if uninterrupted. There is almost none of the Wide Open Sandbox quality that dominated the original game, and most of the side missions are in some way related to the main storyline, typically providing more detail, character development, or a different perspective.

Evie Staff Battle Scythe. Well I’m old school, so all the temporary equipment the leveling boxes have been giving me, I’ve been destroying.

Again a nice fast and first day solo video for Arkana! A New Magician Pact: Wielding a LongswordFiona can exploit the enemy’s openings with a strong smash.

The First Ward Royal Army: She can utilize either a sword or a hammer as her weapon. Fiona is a balanced warrior who wields a sword and a shield.

Main Stories Still Here: The Mercenaries Still Here: I prefer a more defensive playstyle, studying my opponent, blocking and waiting for a safe opportunity to attack, like Dark Souls. The only benefits are what you’ve already mentioned.


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I play vindictus with a controller All of my solos are unbuffed no dmg potnot using any consumables nor pots. She treasures her privacy and boasts a solemn, serious personality, so no one knows how she came to join the Crimson Blade mercenaries.

I am a fiona player from EU and I would like to share with you my youtube channel I started not long ago where I post solo videos. That means forging and enhancing my own equipment as I go, earning it. Although it maintains some of the original’s skill-based system and titles, gameplay is far more combat-oriented — it is being promoted as an “Action RPG” — and the game mechanics are simplified.

What’s better for Fiona? :: Vindictus General Discussions

Fiona comes from the south. Fkona fighting takes place in instanced dungeons that allow only small player parties of to enter; though there are also raid instances such as the White Tyrant mission in Hoarfrost Hollow that allow for parties of up to people, and the various dragon missions that allow for up to 24 in a party.

Would you still make the same choices? Is that what we call “destiny”? Lann Twin Swords Twin Spears. She is able to wear heavy armor from the vindiictus and later learns to wear plate armor as well. September 28, edited April 19,