Tygra, however, thinks they should attack as soon as possible, using the tank, but eventually joins Lion-O and Cheetara’s plan. Lion-O is pulled out of the simulation, and Jaga reveals that the data had been corrupted by the crash, but there were enough survivors to start civilization. The alarm goes off and alerts the internal Lizard guards. In the hopes that Avista’s fall will kill everyone, Mumm-Ra and Pumyra retreat, and Pumyra promises to kill Lion-O the next time they meet. After Lion-O enters, Mumm-Ra disguised as a crow goes through the gate as well. Panthro plans on doing it alone, but Lion-O, Tygra and Cheetara volunteer to come along. However, the gravity of their situation has increased.

He dives into a hole in a cliff and discovers that the hole is actually their hive. The group pleads for Dobo to stop the fight, but he refuses, saying that this battle shows how loyal cats truly are, until Panthro explains why he left that night. Mumm-Ra returns to finish the battle, and seems to be winning, until Leo adds the stone he took to his gauntlet. Panthro decides to teach the kittens about survival. Viragor makes Cheetara a new staff out of Magi Oar wood. They meet Vultaire and try to convince him to give them the third stone that they find here before Mumm-Ra arrives. Lion-O isn’t satisfied with Dobo’s choice and sneaks into the cells to break Pumyra out.

Tygra distracts the generals and, while they beat him, the twins free themselves from their bonds and help the ThunderCats escape.

The Thundercats join the Petalars in their journey to the Valley of Winds, guided by an ancient map. Lion-O grabs the sword to blast Mumm-Ra out into the open, and the rays of the rising sun harm him. Realizing its potential, the five chase after Ponzi to get more of the elixir. Lion-O isn’t satisfied with Dobo’s choice and sneaks into the cells to break Pumyra out. Jaga tells him that the Soul Stone will return him to his body until sunrise, where his soul will then be sent to Limbo for all eternity.

Mumm-Ra arrives and takes out Pumyra before Lion-O engages him in battle. A Stone Giant awakens and finds some dead Wraiths. The Thundercats defeat Mumm-Ra, but the astral plane slowly begins to deteriorate. The new ThunderCats is a purely fun series for those who can appreciate its adventure and not get caught up with disappointment in its slow pace in storytelling.

Baffled by his words, the ThunderCats want answers as Jaga’s spirit appears to explain that Lion-O has paid the ultimate price, that the trials were a test of Lion-O’s skills and heart. Meanwhile, some of the Tigers led by Caspin decided to break the curse before the sun sets. As the trio face their executions, Pathro arrives in his newly upgraded Thundertank and newly installed cybernetic arms for battle.


Unbeknownst to them, Lion-O sees them and is devastated just as the evening bell rings. In the jungle, Snarf, while trying to fill his appetite, causes a ruckus which reveals the entrance to a temple leading to the Tower.

However, the gravity of their situation has increased. The guards have forgotten the intrusion and think it was a false alarm. Lion-O and Tygra search for the thundrrcats in the astral plane.

Tygra mutters to himself, “And just like the sword, it’s one more thing you don’t deserve. Jaga asks if he understands the consequences of returning to his body, and Lion-O accepts the deal.

ThunderCats (2011) – “What Lies Above – Part 2” Episode 26 Recap

Studying the book, Jorma concludes that one of the stones the ThunderCats are after is somewhere in the sky. She tells him Mount Plun-Darr. ThunderCats Lists of American children’s animated television series episodes. Satisfied with his victory over the stone, Mumm-Ra flies off with Pumyra, both promising they will kill Lion-O the next time their paths cross again. Deciding to join in, Cheetara suggests a pumjra match: They begin to fight, and Lion-O and Viragor crash into the forest.

The Thundercats decide to help rescue the enslaved Berbils and defend their village. The ship, damaged by their fight, is hit by a space storm and begins to crash. After they return, they start a fire and lay down to rest. Leo uses his mages to construct the Sword of Omens and the Gauntlet. Realizing what he has done, Soul Sever reveals that a powerful charge equal to the Book of Omens can short-circuit the robot and restore Tygra’s soul to his body, yet expresses his reluctance, as his family has nowhere to return to.

This twist is a giant punch in the face for poor Thundecrats considering he already lost Cheetara to Tygra, and now he has to deal with Pumyra running off with Mumm-Ra. Viragor makes Cheetara a new staff out of Magi Oar wood. After discovering its location, Mumm-Ra sends forces to the planet below to recover the stone.

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Tookit manipulates the children he finds and converts them into his assistant thieves. In the thundercas of the battle with Driller, Lion-O uses the Sword of Omens to save Panthro’s life and destroy the robotbut its digging causes the mountain to collapse. Her hatred of Lion-O called out to Mumm-Ra, and he used the Ancient Spirits of Evil to resurrect her to serve as his lover and spy, enabling him to track the ThunderCats’ every move. After entering the temple, each member of the Thundercats solves one of a series of deadly puzzles and reaches the Tower’s entrance.


However, Mumm-Ra arrives and wipes out the bulk of the Avistan Guards. Jorma lends them Flicker, a mini-bot that can track the energy signature of the book. A flashback scene reveals that the kittens are the eldest of four children.

Wilykit and Wilykat steal a cane, a button, and a blanket and return to Tookit and tell him they won the “contest” and to return their stuff so that they can hurry and return the random items they just stole.

The Drifter reveals that the Sword of Hittanzo is the Thundercatd best sword which he claimed from its swordmaker. Tthundercats discovers that Leo is the commander of the cats, who serve Mumm-Ra as his jailers of the other Animals.

Lion-O follows the Drifter’s “willows are weak” philosophy, and uses this wisdom to disarm the Duelist of his swords.

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Cheetara wishes him luck and kisses him on the cheek, making Tygra jealous. Cheetara confesses her feelings to Tygra, remembering his gift, the Day Astrid flower each petal is said to have trapped a day of life in it he gave her while she waited outside the Cleric’s, giving her strength.

Following Tygra’s lead for a shortcut, the duo comes across a cavewhich leads them to the lost Tiger Clan. The tigers were curious to know how Tygra became a prince among Lions and Tygra briefly explains his adoption into the Thunderian royal family. His father, Claudusdoes not feel his son is ready because he is too lenient and easily distracted by flights of fancy like the myth of ancient technology.

Tygra implies that Lion-O is not the right person for the sword, displaying his jealousy towards Lion-O’s confrontations with Cheetara. However, an attack from Mumm-Ra’s army allows them to convince Vultaire to reconsider killing them, and instead let them help him defend Avista from Mumm-Ra’s forces.

Cheetara says that the reason she behaved and acted as she did was pumra Jaga asked her to do so.