Archived from the original on September 26, However, they only have two hours when they find themselves in the path of an F4 tornado. The team is hired to dissolve a garbage island made out of plastic. Meanwhile, Allie helps Sly out with his campaign by getting him an interview with a teenage reporter for the West Altadena Shopper. What happened to Outlander S2 and S3? Retrieved January 23, The Pentagon lost contact with a low geosynchronous orbit satellite that controls a military drone used to support their operation and the team needs to reconnect it to give cover to the four-man strike team. LA’ adjust up, ‘Supergirl’ holds”.

The elder is in heart failure and the only way to bring needed fuel is through a minefield. While tracking a device that can prevent a nuclear meltdown through the Los Angeles sewers, Walter learns the nuances of listening and not offering advice to Paige. Archived from the original on October 18, Retrieved March 20, Later, Walter proves he is not a “robot” and lets Ray stay in a trailer at the garage. In the end, Sly decides to request a bench trial instead of a jury trial so that Cabe’s guilt will only be determined by an experienced judge. February 20, at 7:

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Meanwhile, a long-bearded Sylvester is losing his mind in the bunker with his pet chameleon. Later, Sylvester tries to gjide the right time to tell Walter that he is dating Megan and resorts to blurting it out during their case. Retrieved 6 July They end up having to save the scientists after the bats become aggressive and attack them.

As the others try to foil a clever bank robbery scheme, Sly is forced to interrupt his test to help, observed by his test proctor to monitor for possible cheating.


Retrieved May 10, Season 4, Episode 14 January 22, Season 4, Episode 21 April 9, Season 4, Episode 18 March 5, Retrieved April 19, Cabe, Allie, Toby and Happy reactivate the lighthouse both couples went to for a romantic weekend away to help guide the teenagers in while Paige and Sly break into a flight school to get the plane’s specifications.

Add to Watchlist Added. Happy creates a gamma ray spectrometer to use in the base’s “cone of silence”. Director Carson ifv2 that Scorpion play in a softball game against the Homeland Security team led by Carson with the team’s future as government contractors at stake.

Team Scorpion takes a case on Halloween to prove the existence of ghosts on the Queen Mary, but find an all-too-real disaster when they locate a “ghost ship” on a deadly collision course. Retrieved December 15, In the end, Sly decides to request a bench trial instead of a jury trial so that Cabe’s guilt will only be determined gjide an experienced judge.

January 1, at During the episode, Happy acts recklessly following the failure of her first attempt to get pregnant, but agrees to moderate herself after a talk with Toby. They spell out SOS on the sand and are saved.

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Due to Cabe’s upcoming physical, Paige remains behind with him to help train while Toby is refused for the job by the owners. Instead, Sly and Florence appear to develop feelings for each other. Retrieved July 1, Netflix Country of Origin: The increase in CBS’s own ratings in the Monday 10pm time slot was sizeable: Retrieved January 21, With the new Homeland Security director refusing to help, Team Scorpion and Mark Collins are forced to come up with a plan to save the world on their own.


The top 15 Christmas specials to watch this week The top 15 Christmas specials to watch this week Dec 22 — However, Patty kindly rejects Ralph due to their age difference leaving them with too many hurdles to have a relationship, leaving Paige to spend the night consoling her son.

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Retrieved December 14, The simple mission turns complex when a group of Aldorrian thieves infiltrate the museum, wanting to steal tantalum from an asteroid on display in order to enhance a nuclear bomb. As Cabe’s trial looms over Team Scorpion, a simple case goes sideways when they help a father and his daughter whose plane crashes nearby.

But, if his demands are met, he has the ability to advance the technology to where he can read peoples’ minds. The geniuses of Team Scorpion turn into knuckleheads and Paige must simplify the science for them, when their mental faculties are impaired during a job to prevent the creation of a black hole. Meanwhile, Cabe works with the FBI to scorpiln Happy’s father Patrick to testify against Sonny Dubin, a man who ran a stolen car ring to move drugs across the border for whom Patrick used to illegally wipe off VIN numbers of vehicles that he brought him at his garage.