The fact that some loon went buck wild and took out his boss, is NOT the fault of the manufacturer. Czarina’s Caustic Comment or Captious Compliment: Joe Chrest as Owens. Oh yeah, and if you haven’t guessed it, I took this review a bit personal. Stuart Greer as Kincaid. Harris as Sylvia Deshazo. In addition to veteran actors Hackman and Hoffman, the experienced Cusack, and the up and coming Weisz; the minor roles the judge, opposing council, gun manufacturers and even the jury consisted of many recognizable TV and movie character actors.

Rachael Weisz held her own formidably as Marlee and it is nice to see her in a stronger leading role. Eric Paulsen as Reporter No. One of the most engrossing underrated legal thrillers in years Fitch’s subordinate Doyle travels to Gardner, Indiana, where he discovers that Nick is really Jeff Kerr, a law school drop-out, and that Marlee’s real name is Gabby Brandt. From master storyteller John Grisham The Firm , The Pelican Brief comes Runaway Jury , a suspense-thriller about a high-priced and ruthless jury “consultant” Gene Hackman who will stop at nothing to secure a verdict on an explosive trial. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email. Fitch asks for proof that she can deliver, though, which Nick provides.

He will know everything about their lives, and strategically manipulate the jury selection process. At a high tech command center set up in an old French Quarter warehouse, Fitch and his team work on the surveillance and assessment of potential jurors.

John Cusack as Nick Easter. A new menu and more – thoughts welcome Nick receives confirmation of receipt of payment and he steers the jury in favor of the plaintiff, much to the chagrin of Herrera, who launches into a rant against the plaintiff, which undermines his support. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. You’re constantly engaged as this tale takes different twists and turns to keep you guessing.


Or how about God since people kill with their hands too?

Separate from membershipthis is to jurt updates about mistakes in recent releases. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. David Ramsey as Jimmy Hoke.

Post Share on Facebook. Gene Hackman as Rankin Fitch. So, next time someone is bludgeoned to death, will we sue Louisville Slugger? This Friday, March 1 Abandon Kansas alligator: Runaway Jury is not perfect, but for the most part, it’s ruaway well crafted dramatic thriller that is elevated by its cast, which makes you forget the film’s shortcomings. One rjnaway the jurors, Nick Easter, seems to have his own plan for swaying the panel.

The best Grisham adaptation yet, this one is definitely worth a look. Lori Heuring as Maxine. But what they’re about to discover, is that one man and one woman rhnaway in their way.

Director Gary Fleder’s brisk, assured pacing also makes the implausibilities go down easier. Elizabeth Omilami as Potential Juror No.

Movie Review: Runaway Jury

The book’s original plot involved a tobacco company in Atlanta, and a few twists and turns aside; everything else is essentially the same. Wayne Ferrera as Agent Novecki. Summaries 3 Synopsis 1. Jan 29, Rating: From his remote command center armed with plasma TV’s and probably a big Lexis-Nexis account, he advises defense council Durwood Cable Bruce Davison who and who not to pick.


However, we personally suggest renting it on DVD and synopsjs such editing programs as ClearPlay on your computer to block the junk out and leave you with a much more guilt-free overall experience. Celia Weston as Mrs. Wayne Roberts as Clerk.

Suspicious Activity Detected

A more liberal take on the situation will jump to blame the weapon itself almost more – if not more – than the killer holding the weapon. William Steinkamp Jeff Williams. Gerry Bamman as Herman Grimes.

Everybody loses, just not me. Michael Arata as Raines. But Jacob Wood and all the other gun violence victims remain rotting in their crypts. Gabby’s sister died in a school shooting. And, not only that, but the film makes the jury consultant that is Hackman’s character and all those involved with the gun company so evil, you just can’t possibly take their side. Joe Chrest as Owens. If you’ve seen any of Grisham’s movies before, you would know by now to expect unexpected endings, if not be able to predict them altogether.

The only acceptable result is the perfect jury to vote in favor of his client. Henry Darrow as Sebald. Good, runawqy not great.

Doyle concludes that Nick and Marlee’s offer is a set-up, and he calls Fitch, but it is too late.

Wendell Rohr is a torts lawyer taking on the gun lobby.