Keroro Killed The Radio Star! The Extra-Special Terrestrial ” Transcription: When a case of spring fever sweeps through the Hinata house, Keroro hatches a plan to take over the world with a wave of laziness. Space idol Sumomo arrives at the Hinata’s house to offer a private concert for the troops in Pekopon. Keroro creates some special robots to prohibit things for her, but they get out of control when Giroro paste with a weapon photo and they explode. Momoka attends a meeting for Fuyuki’s paranormal club at his house in an attempt to become closer to him, but is frequently interrupted by Keroro and Tamama’s antics. Keroro and his friends have a regular snowball fight, but soon go to extreme mesures.

To date, the first 78 episodes have been released in English by FUNimation. Koyuki teaches Natsumi ways in which she can stay fresh without electricity. Keroro eventually discovers that the badge on his helmet allows him to temporarily turn invisible. A Tiger Horse appears outside Keroros room whenever he opens the door. Retrieved from ” https: The anime itself is divided by seasons with a duration of a year 51 episodes per season, one per week except the first week of January , always starting and ending the first week of April.

Good Momoka realizes that she needs her bad side back and only synchronized swimming will combine them back. The Platoon flees but Fuyuki is abandoned and they can’t go back for him. The group runs after her to catch them attacking Natsumi’s friends.

In part B, Giroro gets faced keeoro a moral dilemma when a typhoon gives him a prime opportunity to conquer Pekopon.

In part B, the platoon take a look through Mois’ diary to reflect on their past endeavors. Natsumi suspects that Keroro will use his invisibility device to go out and cause trouble, so she convinces her family to install hidden cameras throughout the house to spy on him.

After doing that, they finally find out none of the burgers have been sold, but only the smiles have been selling, so the plan fails. In part B, Natsumi takes in a bluebird and kreoro to keep it safe. Tired of Keroro’s lazy ways, Giroro has Kururu invent a ray to turn the sergeant from slacker to stickler.


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The Silence of the Plans! Kululu finds him an audition in a children’s program and is actually doing good until Keroro and Tamama feel jealous and jump into the show too.

When Keroro and use space food theirs taste like old wax when mama helped them they end up winning. Everyone makes hamburgers of their own style, with Tamama putting a lot of sweet potato dangos in his burger, and Giroro putting gross ingredients in it, saying “If you can’t even eat this, how will you survive on the battlefield?

Karara, a Keronian youth, ends up crash landing on Earth and spends the day with Tamama. Giroro, Keroro and Tamama follow the two girls as they have fun around town. The plan works after having Keroro and Tamama, Mois and Giroro, and two squad members fall in love with each other accidentally.

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Sanbanme no Momoka de Arimasu ” Kerork He found the platoon knocked out, and used them as guinea pigs for his fighting machines. Both things are related as the new girl Koyuki is a ninja protecting Earth who also found the last frog, Zeroro. Or Building a Base for Dummies. Kogoro decides to stay in Earth but it’s hard for him to find a job because of his weird actions and speeches. Lost In Transportation ” Transcription: Invasion Status Is Never Better.

At the end, when Natsumi wins, their find kind of ends, when they find out Fuyuki wasn’t mad about the health examination accident, but that Natsumi threw away an occult magazine he left in the hallway. Frog episodes season 6. Keroro decides to attempt to grow his army by turning animals into soldiers to join the platoon. Frog krroro Mine Yoshizaki.


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However his plan backfires when Fuyuki and Natsumi are having fun, rather than suffering from the cold. Along with Tamama and Kululu, Keroro and Fuyuki visit the landmarks from the special and discover the truth behind each landmark. In part A, the platoon snoops through the Tanabata wishes of the town. The fleet abandons Keroro instead of rescuing him, leaving him to perform chores around the Hinata family household. Tamama meets a young soccer player who isn’t really good, so Tamama decides to become his teacher.

Keroro and his friends have a regular snowball fight, but soon go to extreme mesures. With Keroro realizing and telling it was actually him telling Giroro it was okay to burn it, they get tied to pieces of wood on a campfire and get punished. Since nobody shows up, Keroro decides to have Dororo teach the platoon the ways of the ninja, however they struggle to pay attention.

Nininsanyaku de Arimasu ” Japanese: They’re no match for Momoka’s second personality though, and later, when Momoka has called the rescue squad, they find out that it was Kururu’s island. Planet Andou’s Heaven” Transcription: Uso Yyappa Yamete de Arimasu ” Japanese: Shukumei no Taiketsu de Arimasu ” Japanese: In part A, Keroro battles Natsumi for right to take a comfortable bath.

Fuyuki wins 4 tickets to a spa from a game rigged by Momoka, hoping he would take her. Seeing Saburo in the audience, she gets too lovesick and makes a fool out of herself.