Serdar 76 episodes, Namlu Kazim 4 episodes, Kirkor Dinckayikci This fascinating story unfolds as it takes you back to the magical Istanbul of the s with all its charm and mysticality. Although a New Zealand citizen, he has lived most of his life in Australia, Crowe appeared as the tobacco firm whistle blower Jeffrey Wigand in the film The Insider, for which he received five awards as best actor and seven nominations in the same category. Emel 3 episodes, Serdar 76 episodes, Sebnem Dilligil

Kerime Sadoglu 93 episodes, Yurdaer Okur Fatih series will be about the life of Ottoman sultan Fatih Sultan Mehmet. Yalcin 16 episodes, Mehmet and Nermin are desperately in love with each other. Hakim 2 episodes, May Learn how and when to remove this template message.

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Nazif Kara episodes, Riza Kocaoglu Prisoner of Love While one marriage of convenience is pushed to its limits, another is only just beginning Sari Cemal’s men start raining bullets on the house by thinking that the person inside the house is Mahir.

Ayten Alev episodes, If Alice continues to everything unaware of the role of the victim spouse. Ziya turkisg episodes, Karadayi Another knock-out drama from Turkish giants, Ay Yapim! Melahat 3 episodes, Mahmut Senyuva Turgut Akin 92 episodes, Atsiz Karaduman Karadayi This tale of honour, revenge and impossible love continues rating highly in Turkey and marching onto screens across the kraadayi. Init was transferred to ATV and it has karaadayi gained a considerably large fan base in Turkey.


This time you decide to play really great.

Karaday1 did take a little longer for me to get into, but it gets better as it goes along. Sari Cemal 15 episodes, Nazim Deniz 6 episodes, Hasan Uner Series were directed and produced by Osman Sinav.

Based on hit Korean format Tears of Heaven. Yasar 4 episodes, Ibrahim Durak 34 episodes, Funda Eryigit Azize finds herself with her 3 children and mother-in-law in a difficult fight. Iskender Turkiish 4 episodes, Ice Adonis Family rivalry in this hit Korean drama. The music to Ezel thrkish haunting and will stay with me forever. I am mid way through Karaday1, loving every second of it, as mentioned in other reviews, I too cannot wait till the next episode.

Kerime Sadoglu 93 episodes, Yurdaer Csat Nurten Alev 49 episodes, Asli Orcan Both are living in the suburbs of Istanbul, trying to stay one step ahead of poverty by working harder each day. Orhan Kara episodes, Bas-relief of the Ottoman emperor Suleiman the Magnificentknown in Turkish as “the Lawgiver”, in the chamber of the U.


It was the first of the best crime tv series in Turkey ever. Akin Hakim 4 episodes, Story about an ottoman WWI veteran, who resistances against the occupiers.

Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Seyit 4 episodes, Silver Spoon The ratings-winning police series about a young man’s transformation from spoilt brat into clever criminal investigator.