This upsets Pappu and he becomes very gloomy. Lahana helps them get their documents for migration. Georgie and his friend Anu try to find a match for Ronnie through the radio. Daisy — The Dog. He asks her to spend 2 nights with him on his birthday and Keerti doesn’t want to disappoint him. Their relationship gradually turns to love. Soon, Sagar and Menaka start spending a lot of time together.

India’s Got Talent S When he reaches Shirley s house to apologise the next day, he is in for a shock!!! He is very funny, positive and energetic. Each episode delves into the intricate lives of the characters, their circumstances and their deepest emotions. Since he belongs to a small town, his parents had got him married to a girl Vasudha Mona Ambegaonkar from the same town. Initially Chaddi gets irritated but finally accepts her as his little sister. But guilt overwhelms him.

Retrieved from ” https: He allows Rashmi to make her choice to spend the rest of her gabga with him or with Sanjay. At the same time, Sylvia also plans to commit suicide by consuming sleeping tablets.

Singh is furious with her and asks her not to show Rahul false dreams. Mike Raj Zutshi is in love with Veena Arundhatiso he woos her and finally marries her.

Kunal is insulted by the Inspector. But before she could marry him, he became a martyr. Knachana Rashid heed her or will he escape? Rahul being a terminally ill cancer patient, Dilip does not want to disappoint him although he knows that arranging for such a big amount of money will be tough.


Gripped with feelings of dejection, she finds a caring friend in her neighbour Sandeep Harsh Chaya. Mujhe mat yaad karna.

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Then enters Arvind Madhavan in Mansi s life, and an initial attraction blooms into love for Arvind. And agnga principles become the root cause of all fights at home between him and his two sons. But love conquers all hurdles and they continue to see each other. Meanwhile, Mike meets Priya and they fall in love.

Karry is another guy who also stays in the opposite building. Sameer is surprised to see that Nandini has a young son Vikram. She was also pregnant from him and was unwilling to abort the child.

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Mansi and Sandeep have been married for 5 years but in these years they have fallen apart as Sandeep is totally obsessed with his work and success. Rajan leaves with a heavy heart. Vish Ya Amrit Sitaara. She is now pregnant with Subhash s baby.

Will she bear the deceit silently? She realises that the bungalow is none other than the house where Arunab is living in. But the school has a hostel, so Chaddi has to part from her. When he is gahga 4 years old, Tanya s marriage is fixed with a lecturer Rahul Vaqar. Anant learns later that Sabah is eepisode with his child. However, Preeti turns up there, and everyone s surprised when Anil introduces her to them as his fianc e.


Will Amar be able to seek pardon for Pareen now? Who is this man? Jay confides about Rohan s reality to Neha who in turn tells Rohan about it. He also assures Jay that he would return the moment Jay needs him.


After getting a divorce, Nidhi leaves for the US. When Aditya Raju Kher declares to his young children that he wants to remarry, they are furious. They vow that when they grow up, they will never fight.

Will the cracks in the sisters relationship ever be mended? Will Priyakant stop loving Kusum now?