I loved that they showed us that Cha Don loved her regardless. DayDreamer February 18, at 3: I wish she also didn’t poison herself. Has a strong snobbish, ill-tempered, difficult and vain nature. But that triggers a thought and Cha-don asks her to chokehold him once more. I liked the finale. Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown:

He has a fierce dislike for newcomer Byun Il Jae who was appointed outside of the existing hierarchy. This exchange is about to get more epic as Boss Bok watches Angelina sidle up to the mayor, asking him to connect her with an esteemed literary society. He misses and gets thrown into a pile of trash as the masked man runs for it. Meteor Garden Episode Announcements February birthdays Login Issue. I tuned into this drama becos of him and am so glad that i did. Notify me of new comments via email.

In that the heroine gets fat again at the end when her husband loves her for herself.

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Omg I love the ending every single part of itthe baddies get their respective deserved end and the good guys get their happy sarcastic end I’ve never loved this kind of drama cuz I felt they are all the same but n no no IOM is now one of my tops though I loved the actor equally in lie to me! Thank you so much, gummimochi, for the recaps. They really made us attached to her character by showing her vulnerabilities and humanity. Cha-don insists that the bank president must have clutched an object in his hand and thinks of an example: I Need Romance 3 But Incarnation kept me hooked.

Or maybe there’s other dramas or shows airing at the same time? There’s probably a lot of criminals he put away there that would like to take revenge. So true about the double suicide.



I am addicted to it. So I end this with a positive note: I love his smile there at the end! I also might be paranoid but seriously, whenever they go to Jeju in any drama they tend to film the tourist sights pretty well Waw this is serious stuff.

Our patience really paid off, because this drama now has a special place in my heart. At first I was planning on ignoring the rather large plot holes but now things have really gone out of hand, that I think I might have to drop this drama.

Hyuk asks if Se-kwang intends to kneel in front of the mayor, but we see that the conversation is bugged and the mole, Detective Park, trails behind them. The problem was that his men were willing to take a hit for oncarnation so he proposed a bet: This is a classic case of the victim becoming the aggressor. I really hope this drama will get better and better, there are quite a few red flags, but I don’t want to see it flop That’s something I really liked about this series, actually.

Park Sang-min slowly peeled back those layers so that at any given moment, you could sympathize with his plight or hate his guts. I want to thank you all for the enjoyable ride!

What happened all those years ago? Still didn’t get it at the end. I miss you King of dramas 5 fingers may queen Vampire prosecutor equator man baby faced beauty. Not incarnnation into any melos either.

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Open Thread Open Thread by mary. I believe his sense of justice and righteousness was warped and he thought of himself as a victim simply because his father became a scapegoat for Joong Man and died sick in prison. It was tainted money and somehow it doesn’t seem right that he should get it back.


Think of it in context, think of where that money actually came from, think of it in line with her less than righteous character, and in line with this show’s theme of money, heck even this show’s very title. The mayor gives a satisfied laugh at this; countless men have offered up their lives for him.

One hand slips and Cha-don starts to panic. Reka April 24, at 7: The fat-shaming, yes, it’s because of the culture and one can’t look at it from a non-Korean point of view, but it doesn’t make it right.

It did seem like Se-Kwang’s father took the deal of going to jail in return for SeKwang’s education and he didn’t seem too bitter about it. Probably because this drama dont have a great plot. I liked the fact that Angelina is drzmacrazy only one who asked for forgiveness.

Meanwhile, I don’t think the mom recognizes Cha Don as her son but I think she gets these vibes from him, that gut feeling that he’s someone dear to her. I don’t think society should push people to go through a lot of pain simply to lose some weight.

Incarnation Of Money – Episode Just like almost everyone above I was a tad bit, actually a lot, disappointed with the plastic surgery.