Add the first question. Anime and action fans will never forget. And there’s a lot more Dean and Sam could run into after Season 5. So here it was. View all Streaming Sites. And after the horrible gut wrenching end of the last one?

Sign up for free! Ghostfacers 24 Apr It was also filmed as a pilot, with the found footage style. The plot line of the Winchesters helping them out during that episode was kind of important to a certain Season 4 episode. Ghostfacers was called one of the worst episodes of the series before S4 came out and then people stopped hating it for some reason. Supernatural Season 14 spoilers: Loved the look Sam and Dean exchanged after watching the show, and then that they outmarted the Ghostfacers to erase it. How can you even tell it sucks when you only saw one scene and liked it?

Where the idea of the Ghostfacers came from on Supernatural

Of course, there was a real violent spirit lurking in the house. I’m not gonna lie, I skipped all the way to the last scene, and that’s the only thing worth watching in that episode. Stoopid me for hanging onto detail but it bothered me a little. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? The show would act as a backdoor pilot for a web series following the characters that remained when the episode ended.

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I’ve fallen off Arrowverse after the crossover. You know what’s out there.

Ghostfacers was called one of the worst episodes of the series before S4 came out and then people stopped hating it for some reason. View all Star Wars Sites. Because of this, majority of television shows had shorter seasons during this time, including Supernatural. We got to see the dangers if the supernatural is real and wprst Winchesters came in to save the day again. Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever been that scared watching an episode of Supernatural before!


But they were incredibly mean spoofs. I know, I mean, it was a sight ghostfacets see Sam cussing too, I mean you kinda expect it out of Dean already But yeah, I would love to hear the very colorful language that Sam and Dean would utter if the show wasn’t eposode network tv. Technically the show hasn’t even been renewed for Season 8, though it’s almost definitely going to get one.

Ranking the Supernatural Season 3 episodes from worst to best

Find More Posts by Tennessee Whiskey. So for that alone I think it deserves props. Don’t be ‘Facer-haters’ because we happened to have gotten the footage of the century.

Sam Winchester Jensen Ackles View all Entertainment Weekly Sites. Find More Posts by ocfan Yeah, I figure that in “real life” the boys do as much wordt as they did in this ep, but they can’t include it because it’s network TV. Supernatural Season 14 spoilers: The whole episode came to me as a big surprise As comparatively weak as I may find parts of this episode, it was all worth it for that final scene between the boys and the Ghostfacers.

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I think it’s pretty obvious the only “reason” Dean and Sam don’t cuss more is because the show is on network TV. If anything it bugs me that they don’t cuss on the show. ghostfacerw

Find More Posts by Folie. Dean cursing is a given I’d think but what amused me in this ep was the way that Sam was cursing when he saw the “Ghostfacers” again.


I think the whole hand held camera element is what did it, because Blair Witch and all the ghost hunting reality series that this episode tips it’s hat to have given me similar chills. Season 3 Episode Originally Posted by Anla View Post. It also helped establish more background to the world of Supernatural since every hunter is new to the job at some point in their lives. I love this show, it’s my absolute favorite on air right now, but it’s never given me the heebee geebee’s like that!

Jared PadaleckiJensen AcklesA. I was almost waiting for the episode to end. Visit Tennessee Whiskey’s homepage! The standard credits air at the end of the episode.

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It was hilarious from time to time, and Ed and Harry You gotta love ’em! Plus, that episode in Season 3 isn’t the last time you see the Ghostfacers. So, delving into the episode, just where did the ideas for the Ghostfacers come from? I get it not being the best episode to air after such a long hiatus and with only 4 episodes left in the season, but on it’s own I thought it worked beautifully. Yes No Report this. Kenny Spruce Dustin Milligan