M says Dr Uncle, until Uday does not get better, not a morsel, not water, will go down my throat. Brijraj and Menaka greets and congratulates Chaudary and tell him that they will be there to support him. M looks at Uday and then goes off to freshen up. Manyata comes back but it is too late and Uday breaks his marriage contract. Manayta comes to know about Aryan, who claims that he is not Akash and tells him to be the fiance of a girl named, Tara, but finally agrees to be Akash. Menu Home About Archive Search. While Murari is put behind the bars.

WEll its made clear that M is very sleepy and obviously we see it in this dream sequence. JN cries and holds out her hand to Uday. UV walks to her and asks her what happened. And really JN, when have you ever planned something and something happened exactly the way you planned it??? Manyata has to fight several problems created by Uday. UV yells at him to keep him stupid theories to himself.

Peisode by Written Updater at JN smiles evily and fb to moments with UV before M came into their lives. UV says that even if that was Aksh then he will once again kill him. What have you done to me?

Sign in Recover your password. That’s what she wantd from you Uday. Manyata is heart broken, laments and spends day and night in prayer for Uday’s recovery.

Dekha Ek Khwaab 19th July Written Update – Meelak

While Murari is put behind the bars. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. But this does not go too well since Jaynandini sits on the bride’s alter as Manyata.


However, Akash and Jainandini team up to create misunderstandings among them. She had been under the illusion that Murari was her father, and never gave much thought to why he was so protective of her. Female protagonist and Jainandini elder sister Udayveer’s fiance and love. JN says of course Uday, and after reading your letter, she started screaming like crazy. Manayta comes to know about Aryan, who claims that he is not Akash and tells him to be the fiance of a girl named, Tara, but finally agrees to be Akash.

M then turns around to see Uday who is smiling. And please don’t get the wrong meaning out of reading this, writteen understand the meaning behind those words. And then when M snaps dskha of it, her lines to Uday were really sweet too, aww she called him khasmanu khane again LOL. Manyata and Uday reunite. Sony Entertainment Television series Indian drama television series Indian television soap operas Indian television series debuts Indian television series endings s Indian television series Rose Audio Visuals.

Jainandini records their fight on her cell phone and starts blackmailing Uday.

Brijraj tells Menaka and Komal that some important guest will be coming to their house. Uday meets with an accident that was caused by his anger initiated by a misunderstanding between the couple. Manyata tells him to let go of her hand. M says what is she doing here? Jainandini Manyata’s younger sister gets mad about this as she has liked Uday since childhood.

M says Dr uncle I am completely fine, nothing will happen to me. Nobody will find out that I was missing from home. IN these past three days I have been with you every moment. JN smiles and Uday is pissed. Unnati advises Jainandini to stop.


Uday then steps away from M and walks backwards writren M is confused and then she sees JN come from behind.

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She puts up her kbwaab like Moniya did. Rajmata wants to decide who the family’s heir would be. M has her eyes closed and Uday kisses her neck. ANd tell me where M is?

Dr sighs and says if your health deteriorates how will you care for Udaybeer? When a mahal becomes a battleground, then one must call out the lioness hidden within. Manyata says that she is just exaggerating things and tells her to take her to Akash.

Dekha Ek Khwab -17th July 2012 Part 1

Page 1 of 1. THe power that you gave her, madam is enjoying it right now. During Manyata’s vekha Uday’s wedding, Manyata realises her love for Uday and goes to meet Akash for the last time. Manayta comes to know about Aryan, who claims that he is not Akash and tells him to be the fiance of a girl named, Tara, but finally writfen to be Akash.

Jn smiles at Uday and hugs Uday.

Views Read Edit View history. This house is mine, not yours, and your Dada gave me this house out of charity, and that means this would go against 1 honor.