He is more prolific than ever. Oliveira also says shooting A Igreja do Diabo in Brazil poses unspecified problems. For me it is very tough to recommend just one or two of these titles. I once Googled on it and found a pdf file or something that was a sheet of distributor-subsidy decisions, made I think in or so. The Douro is so beautiful, and visiting sites in Abraham Valley was a dream come true. Their listed on FNAC and I know that English subtitles have been confirmed, but they aren’t available for purchase yet and no release dates are listed.

Nowadays my e-mails bounce off Criterion, labeled as spam. I’m convinced The Attached Balloon is among the handful of most wonderful films- not having seen it! As an indication of how much I’d like to have this, I briefly debated about picking it up anyway and translating it myself and my Spanish is virtually non-existent. This does not apply to saxophones or trombones. The adoption in Negro fashion of short motifs of exaggerated pitch and rhythm, repeated more than three times without interruption by a solo instrument or soloist , or more than sixteen times in succession without interruption by a group of instruments played by a band. For those who have not seen it, No, or the Vain Glory of Command is also a marvellous big screen picture. For now, I will sink back into my perpetual and misconceived anticipation for a Criterion Le Soulier de satin. And note that the version of Abraham’s Valley which is screening is the complete cut which is otherwise unavailable in the States.

Meant to thank you for the info over on the Brazilian DVD thread. In the former camp I will probably make the most effort to see Doomed Love or Day of Despair as I keep thinking that Aniki Bobo will invariably receive a video release from somebody soon.

The so-called “tone color” mutes may, however, be used. O filme pode ser visto nas salas Lusomundo: I fimes no idea what the quality is like on these releases and I note that there doesn’t appear to be any additional material.


It’s adequate but the Portuguese disc is superb and has several fantastic extras.

Cinema NOS Colombo & IMAX

The Old Man of Belem Excerpt: For me it is very tough to recommend just one or two of these titles. Here’s what I don’t understand. What I’m wondering is if this is based on his unproduced script titled Angelica. Oliveira appears in person in Lissabon, before the General Assembly of the Fklmes, giving a short speech before a screening of Gebo and the Shadow and an outdoor screening of Aniki-Bobo: I say all this having only seen dilmes handful of Oliveira films.

If the retrospective comes your way, it’s well worth making the effort to see some of these, although I too coombo prioritize the films not readily available on decent DVDs i. Alfreda with a Virgin Mary doppelganger found and trained by his old pal, a former counterfeiter who never gives a reason for this scam.

UCI Cinemas – As melhores salas de cinema em Portugal

At least according to some online info in Portuguese and this in English. Evidently there is a fairly new box set that’s been released and is available here. Oliveira’s next project is luslmundo to be a film called The Strange Case of Angelica.

Or else Oliveira sticks a snake into Gethsemane just to throw us off-kilter. He should be a household name, not only for his age. You will love Belle Toujours if you haven’t already seen it.

This does not apply to saxophones or trombones. Most countries never get a look in, while the usual powerful clique still holds sway. On the strength of his masterpiece Abraham Valley, which started my fascination with that wonderful country and led me on to fado singer Amalia Rodrigues, among other things i moved with my wife and 2 dogs to live in North West Portugal 2 years ago, and we quickly lost a lot of money and are now living in a caravan in England.

In jazz terminology, any adoption of “licks” and filmed repeated more than three times in succession by a soloist or more than sixteen times for one section or for two or more sections.


There is no objection to providing a chorus with percussion solos in places where a break could also come, but at not more than three such places.

Other interesting stuff in French.

The disc opens with a short amount of non-optional commercials and movie trailers. I appreciate your enthusiasm. In the latter camp I would like to see Abraham’s Valley on the big screen, though I’ve seen it many times and would probably be better served catching Inquietude.

Here’s a link to some info.

Their listed on FNAC and I know that English subtitles have been confirmed, but they aren’t available for purchase yet and no release dates are listed. And they’ve been appropriately selective regarding the later stuff. In addition to those, I’m particularly excited about the premiere of Christopher Columbus on Friday and I’m also hoping to make it to some of the rarer films, like Benilde and Rite of Spring, which are ridiculously hard to see.

Full story in Portuguese: However, what he does stagey, static, airless flix that often revolve around obscure philosophical ideas has a certain perverse charm. Kubrick was a jazzmen?

It certainly doesn’t glory in colonialism, but revels in the adventurous side of the national spirit. Alfreda was poisoned by a “mamba negra”.

I won’t be able to until it travels to Chicago, which I hope will be relatively soon. This seems a kind of arbitrary thing with these Portuguese DVDs as many of the other individual versions of his films from the same company have all the extensive extras subbed so just be forewarned.

The 2 early films I saw over cinemw weekend were surprisingly intense. They’re supposed to come out this month some time, right?