Before long, despite these drawbacks, McCaleb discovers evidence which suggests the murderer may be a serial who uses random street robberies as a cover, but he finds that Ronaldo Arrango Paul Rodriguez and John Waller Dylan Walsh , the police detectives assigned to the case, are not especially interested in sharing the glory or their legwork with the former FBI point man. Decent sci-fi horror until Eric Roberts showed up at the end. Wilcox and her team prescribes them. The story was your typical drug trial gone wrong movie but it did have some potential — too bad it didn’t have different writers. I liked this movie, it just doesn’t have the fantastic quality I came to expect from Clint Eastwood. Audible Download Audio Books.

This main plot has been used plenty of times, but I believed this one could bring something new. The study is one of the most diabolical ever conceived in cinema and reflects major truths regarding the industry. Greg truly finds out the effects of the drug, a drug that can heal a person in no time at all, a regenerative drug. This isn’t quite correct, unfortunately, as far too often the film comes across as derivative and mundane, but it’s nonetheless a very entertaining thriller with a handful of original aspects and occasional flashes of sheer suspense. Travis Van Winkle gives a superb performance as a college student participating in an allergy study, placing himself in the hands of sinister representatives of an evil drug company. Eastwood even seems to be sleepwalking through his role, a role which he has played a hundred times. As the doses continue, the weirdness increases. But like most films, I wish it had gone further with it’s concept.

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Eastwood’s 20112 filmmaking since the gig that won him an Oscar. Wanda De Jesus as Graciella Rivers.


The lines are cheesy, with Paul Rodriguez giving an awful performance of your run of the mill antagonist cop. New York Post – Lou Lumenick. If you’re a big fan of Eastwood, it is still worth a look.

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It hits all the right notes and manages to be stable and engrossing entertainment. They get to the testing facility and meet the other test subjects for the first round. The trials begin with blood work, drug stages, and observations. This is a predictable and lazy thriller from Eastwood.

Aberrant behaviour and random health problems start manifesting after just a couple of days, and the first dose. I spent a nice moment watching it, and I find myself remembering more the good points than the bad ones. Better than expected and with a lot of gore. Ina medical trial at a London hospital went terribly wrong; six young men suffered grotesque side-effects, and one needed all his toes and several fingertips amputated. Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Video.

Blood Work

But the bad news for the two boys is that in trying to escape to civilization their picked up hitch hiking by the chubby Aaron,Joe Synopsie of the few who wasn’t effected by this experiment who to their shock, by him locking the car doors, is now himself a flesh eating zombie and driving them back to where they escaped from, vloodwork secret laboratory, to be incinerated.

Start your free trial. While Rob is going though detox, the remaining subjects are out of control, killing the staff; and keeping Greg from leaving the premises. Overall, the film had a nice directorial style that was creative, but subtle enough to not take the viewer out of the picture. Wilcox has a crisis of conscience and decides to pull the plug on her experiment. Aaron locks the doors of the car and warns the pair that there are events much bigger than them taking place as they realize that their nightmare is not over.


Well done horror film that blows the lid off Big Pharmaceutical as well. While administering additional doses to Rob, increasing his regenerative abilities to a degree that he heals from a normally fatal neck wound almost instantly, he escapes from his restraints and attempts to rape Wilcox before being subdued by her assistants.

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When his monstrous subjects escape and vultures devour their remains, they became mutations seeking to feed on humans. Full Cast and Crew.

Need help completing your Oscar pool? We initially witness how the group indifferently reacts to a rotting animal’s carcass in the cafeteria and you actually wonder why they’re not repulsed. Just be sure not to ITCH it. I never knew the work of Clint Eastwood very well, neither as an actor nor as a director. The study is one of the most diabolical ever conceived in cinema and reflects major truths regarding the industry.

Mark Thomason as James Cordell. Aaron retrieves a blanket from his trunk for them, but they do not see that his hand begins trembling uncontrollably, prompting him to take a dose of RXZ Johnny Frank Garrett’s Last Word The scientist Susan Carter is researching the rehabilitation of addicts using an experimental drug in her rehab center.

He plays his standard old detective, who is done with his career, but wants to solve one last case.