He is joined by talented masters Ed Warby on percussion, Troy Donockley from Nightwish on uilleann pipes, whistles, Ben Mathot on violin, Maaike Peterse on cello, Jeroen Goossens on flutes, piccolo, bamboo flute, contrabass flute, Siddharta Barnhoorn on orchestrations and Michael Mills on Irish bouzouki. Ayreon albums are like a gigantic puzzles where Arjen moves the pieces around until it completes a theme oriented rock opera. The project, directed by Lucassen’s former manager Yvette Boertje, originally was to consist of three fan-made concerts performed under the title Ayreon’s The Human Equation Theater Experience; however, after some of the original cast and musicians showed interest in the project, the organizers decided to make it a greater venture. When prog rock fans listen to music they expect a great storyline, complex music, and atmospheres that encourage that story. However, I like to step back and look at things more objectively, especially when you get the feeling that there are just too many excellent musicians colliding here. Lucassen has the pull to ask for contributions from a number of legendary progressive musicians for this work. The lead guitar break is brilliant, followed by more storyline from the Father, an incredible performance by Michael Mills, “I’ve been giving you a drug, I was convinced that it would help you, can you forgive me what I’ve done?

The melodies are infectious and begin to grow familiar over a few listens. It often sounds like many short ideas thrown together in a patchwork manner. Then the track segues to a droning buzz synth and a slow measured cadence at 7: Retrieved 14 April First, Tommy Karevik’s awesome voice is present, but sadly far too little. Song like “Side Effects” and “The Consultation” feature brilliant performances by John Wetton ex-King Crimson, UK where John capitalizes on restraint matched with dynamism, perfectly exemplifying the professionalism required of the role of psychologist, making him the most convincing of all the character roles. The Theory Of Everything is the lightest Ayreon album so far but that does not mean it does not have heavy parts.

Lucassen deserved all the honors and accolades for this sensitive job of reviving his favorite project, and he did it grandiose indeed, surpassing pf of his works so far. There is no need to review the artistic size of the album. It took me right lf to Larry Fast and Synergy. Having loved Ayreon’s last album, I was so excited to hear that Arjen had decided to get this project off the ground again.


I have loved so much of Ayreon’s work over Arjen’s long career, and string of masterpieces, and this album is no exception; a masterful musical triumph without a doubt.

By the time this album was released, Ayreon had become so big that everyone listening to progressive music had a comment to make on Lucassen’s music or a singer to recommend him. Lost In The New Real. And that speaks ill for qyreon which we get to experience through the ears. Imagine two generations of keyboard geniuses playing on one song. The Theory of Everything”.


The passable story is raised up by the incredible musical depth. Marko Hietala, “The Rival”, makes his vocal entrance into the story, to try to remain the Teacher’s favored pupil. L already appeared in the Ayreon song “The Truth is in Here”. What we do get, however, are melodies and rhythms which repeat throughout the album with different variations.

However he chose to not be operated immediately because it would delay the release of The Theory of Everythingand continued to record despite the pain. Meanwhile, gentle lead acoustic first, then ayren guitar everytuing softly over the warm radiating keyboards and the deep cello from Maaike Peterse.

Lucassen has set a new course and left some things unresolved for a sequel. As for these ideas themselves, Arjen has once again outdone himself. Retrieved 9 September Swedish Albums Chart [33]. One of the most anticipated releases of the year is finally here, and despite the enormous pressure of living up to its expectations, considering the legendary status of many of the guest artists, it didn’t dissapoint me at all.

This is my early favorite. It didn’t feel like they enhanced the songs; it felt like they were the obligatory shred masters that had to be on the album.

Again, it is curious that of the 4 mighty bands I was talking about at the beginning the stroyline that tried to evolve is the one that most glaringly has everyyhing to do so.

Eventually, after trying to find the teacher, the prodigy runs into the girl and the rival, and explains to them about what his father did. Dream Theater keyboardist Jordan Rudess and prog wizard Keith Emerson both stand out for their respective solos on “Progressive Waves”. It was also the first time Lucassen released a second studio album with one of his side-projects. As with every Ayreon album, it is a concept album with each character being portrayed by one singer, however being released five years after which concluded the original Ayreon story, The Theory of Everything is a fresh start from the Ayreon storyline developed since Ayreon’s first album The Final Experiment in ; in addition, while previous albums which took place in a sci-fi context, it is set in a realistic world.


The album was also released on vinyl in December What you will encounter there is a communal experience of band and audience singing, moving, sometimes dancing, head-banging, destroying things together, in an informal rite that appeals to the need of rock fans to sing their lungs out, to feel the energy in the air, to be reflected in their rock heroes.

AYREON The Theory Of Everything reviews

Can he use this Prodigy to help make a name for his teaching ability? Daniel Gildenlow, having recorded his parts last, sounds like an average, amateurish guy singing a couple of verses that were not even written with him in mind I personally confirmed this with Arjen Lucassen when we discussed the album a few years after its release.

L, a modern-day man revived in a distant future where everything has changed.

The instrumental sections offer a truly wordly adventure, with numerous grand orchestral flourishes that incorporate a range of Celtic and even middle eastern themes, and the aggressive darting flute and violin almost aligns the music with the classic Italian bands. CD 1 has 22 tracks and Hhe 2 has 20 so it a very generous collection. Belgian Albums Charts Wallonia [28].

The Girl answers with her beautiful heartfelt tones and the conversation continues with the Psychiatrist; “let’s talk about your dreams, can you describe what you feel, do you feel anything at all? In the previous five years, I’m sure Lucassen had enough time to ponder and plan what he wanted to do with a new disc. The lyrics can at times be off-putting, but subtlety or poetic descriptions have never been Lucassen’s strong points.