Pathak succeed in saving Chand Prakash inspite of no evidence? Pathak read Ronit Roy alone is quite capable of pulling the show long with his excellent mannerism and in-depth grasp of the character. Sonali Baruah is one of the finest Badminton player of India. Who killed MLA Shinde? Jain and her warden too reveals that he was forcing Dr. Jadugar Qatil Part – 2.

Sinhal in Mumbai and Varun’s building’s security guard Sharfuddin gets arrested, on the other side in Jaipur, Mr. Who is involved in Astronaut Kumaresh Iyer’s murder? Part 1 of 2 Jan 25, The Terrorist: Salunkhe and there in the bureau, team C. He also reveals the slap and the noise that he could hear from the footage. Who killed Suraj Marwa? Defense Lawyer reveals K. Radio Par Live Murder – Part

Retrieved 14 July Comments on Adaalat Review. Later, Jasmeet assures court that the Gun belonged to him as Gurnaam was trying to save him. Who kept real sword instead of fake sword?

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Dean of mental asylum reveals Varun that a tragedy took place with Kishore in regards to his Wife Rangita and just when Varun was about to leave the office, he spots a mark on Dean’s hand. Get it now free for: Public prosecutor reveals K. Part 1 Oct 13, Electric Man: Part 2 Jan 11, Khooni Patang: Namdev Bank Robbery Case. Famous Bharat natyam dancer Sudha Krishnan visits K.

Cops arrest Taarush Kapoor as Cia reveals Taarush’s name before dying. Retrieved 3 Dec Radhika, Jaspal and Balbir reveals court that they were not aware of Gaurav’s fight and also reveals them that accept receptionist Helen no one was present in the entire floor thus Helen reveals court that Jaspal called her down for some work draama later he denies to agree that he called her.


Pathak succeed in saving senior CID officer Abhijeet? Sandu’s daughter Rashi expresses her doubt on her husband’s death. Pathak to take care of Rusty and there in the court, Shamu reveals Court that Col.

Adaalat Episode 374 – 9th November 2014

Who killed Astrologer Vaibhav? Pathak knows that she is not guilty but cannot prove so as she refuses to speak out.

Pathak that he went to apologize as he insulted him, but he drxma a syringe which was already inserted in his neck and he got caught while he was removing the syringe, there in the court, Defense lawyer reveals Judge that during his childhood he was sentenced to qdaalat months in reform house.

Thapa blames Sarika for Jayant’s Murder. Will surely catch this one on Saturday! Velludarai adzalat is a politician and Surya’s biggest Competitor later, Shankaran attacks Bhaskar as he was trying to kill him, there in the court, Bhaskar gets angry on Shankaran as he has liking for Uma later, Shankaran puts the blame on Bhaskar for killing Mr. Aunt Cynthia has a property of 70 crores. Prince Rudy was scared due to the murder of Sharmila but still he admits that he did’nt kill her.

Aarya gets arrested in the murder of her Boyfriend Mehul who gets killed in the Bus as he was travelling with his friends in the bus towards Pune. Kissa Honour Killing Ka. Pathak played by Ronit Roy is the rdama Robin Hood who takes to defending convicts who have been given up as beyond emancipation.


Swami Ji Ka Qatil

The code which Martin said was actually a car’s number plate which belonged to Dr. Pathak in the asylum. Qatil Kaun Bhaag – 2. Retrieved 27 June Naidu’s RD 32 reports. Pathak gets shocked in the court as all the witnesses changes their statement in the court. Prem’s partner and field worker saw Captain Saroj adaala upstairs with a gun to meet prem. Arvind Thakkar dramq introduced Rusty to his servant Banwari Kaka and Shamu and use to spend most of his time with his loving Dog Rusty later, his lawyer Jeet announces Col.

Veerman Singh reveals K. Sapra for rejecting his latest invention. Paloma predicts that a shooter is soon going to kill K.

KD in Jaipur Part – Opening hours Mon-fri Retrieved 12 June Shushmita, Mayur, Johari Ganpat or Dr. Female instructor Hima tells K. Part 1 Apr 20, Khooni CD: Will Mishra reveal the address of Knife to K. Pathak not to fight Adaaoat case but K. Dengue Se Rahasyamayi Maut. Pathak is arrested for killing Dr. X Mas Murder Mystery. Pathak reveals Madhukar 37 Raju is definitely suffering from Multiple personality disorder and Court might send him to jail.