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Know More About Black Friday

Black Friday, which falls on Nov. 27 this year, is one of the busiest shopping days of the holiday season and has had some of the biggest holiday sales in the U.S business opportunities. According to Visual Thesaurus, the day after Thanksgiving came to be known as Black Friday in the early 1960s, when Philadelphia police officers used it as a negative term to describe the holiday-shopping traffic jams. The name stuck, and in the ’80s, businesses put a positive spin on Black Friday by rebranding it as a day for stores to “get back in the black.”

While larger merchants usually rule Black Friday with midnight (or earlier) openings and sales throughout the day, many small businesses offer in-store and online discounts. This year, however, Black Friday will likely look different – especially in areas severely impacted by the pandemic. Shoppers won’t be able to camp outside of stores or crowd in front of doors to be first in line for the best deals. Retailers will take precautionary measures like limiting store capacity and sanitizing as much as possible.

To have a successful Black Friday and land as many sales as possible, focus heavily on your e-commerce discounts and deals, letting customers shop for your products from the comfort and safety of their homes. Consider extending your usual business hours by opening earlier and closing later on the actual day, but still follow the right safety precautions to keep your customers and employees healthy.

Key takeaway: Black Friday might look different this year, but you can still boost sales by extending your hours and offering online deals.

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